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the conquest of foy - book trailer

the conquest of foy - book trailer

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The reliquary of Saint Foy.
Tucked away in the abbey of a small village, protected by devout monks. 

It was said that miracles surrounded those who prayed at Foy's shrine. 
Inevitably, pilgrims flocked and donations flowed. 
But for as many miracles the relics bestowed, there were also curses.


Despite the threat, local nobles coveted the attention and wealth Foy brought. 
One jealous bishop could bare it no longer, and dispatched his most trusted thief. 

Discovered by monks before he could escape, the thief was left with no choice, but to kill. 


Before long, the relics were in the hands of a powerful Frankish Duke. 
Will Saint Foy lead him to his greatest desire? 
Or will he be cursed?

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